business card app

User interface Design for a utilitarian app which purpose is to make adding and sharing a contact fast and easy. The biggest goal though is more ambitious: stop people from printing useless business cards. 

UI, Sketch, Principle,


Straightforward: connect with social media or fill in name, company, email and phone number.


Just like a printed business card, make it your own: add the logo, personalize the typefaces and background.


Scan your newly acquainted code to add him to your card list. You can also share your contacts to others to introduce people to each other.


Create a neat contact list (card designs included) and seamlessly save it to your phone.

app home

The app home shows the QR code, so that the user can quickly share his card with others around as soon as he opens the app.

edit card

To edit the card, the user just has to tab on it at the app’s home, which leads into the editing mode. There the user can update the company logo (as gets the color palette that matches it), background color or image, typeface family and color.

contact list

The contacts saved retain the design, but the information remains clear and organized. As you tab on the card, it expands to social media links, and with one more tab it opens the contact QR code for sharing. 

app icon

The app icons and its variations between the iOs and Android versions.

the problem

The product starting point is very simple: we print business cards, they get old, we change email, phone, address, they get useless. However, having the physical card feels nice, especially it translates the person or company’s brands. Many other apps found on the apps stores fill the purpose of organizing, but they fail to provide the custom experience of the physical card.

What I learned 

I saw this project as the perfect opportunity to explore my UI skills. It was made right after the 2018’s Google I/O, so I saw it as a chance to explore the new Material Design guidelines.  I also explored micro-interactions using Principle, something I had never done before. 

2020.  Made with a little help from my friends.

Always under construction.